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Control and manage multiple access controllers, alarm controllers,

     elevator controllers and other equipment in the system
Built-in Web server, can manage and control the system and

     remote maintenance through IE browser
LINUX embedded system, stable and reliable performance
Provide a variety of specifications for users to choose, the

     control channel can be 1 channel, 2 channels, 3 channels,

     4 channels
With RS485, LAN and other interfaces, it is easy to connect

     to a computer for on-site settings
Device linkage can be carried out according to priority, time

     sequence and trigger mode, etc.
When the communication with the server is interrupted, it can

     automatically switch to the independent working mode, and

     the access control management function is not affected; after

     the network communication is restored, the server can be

     automatically reconnected to realize complete access control

     management and data transmission functions.
Both system programs and memory have power-off protection

With LED display, power indicator and status indicator
The time zone can be set flexibly, and there is no limit to the

With programmable auxiliary input and output interface, it is

     convenient for linkage with alarm system, CCTV and other

With dedicated fire interface
Support dual network ports, support dual loop
Local storage of lower-end device information and events


Technical parameter:

Model:                            MIC-4                MIC-4A

Processing capability:       32-bit high-efficiency processor, 1G memory (expandable to 2G), embedded Linux operating system

storage capacity:             80G (expandable)

Number of loops:             4 dual-loop

Communication distance: 1200 meters

Management capacity:     256 Card reader, 128 doors, 1024 alarm zones, 128 time sets, 1024 time zones

Auxiliary inputs:                  0                           8

Auxiliary outputs:                0                           8

Fire inputs:                         1                           1

Network capability:              1 (10M/100M Ethernet interface, expandable For 2)

Power supply:                     220V AC Chassis type standard 19″ 3U