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M-Parking Management System

      The M-Parking parking lot management and parking guidance system is an important part of the M-Platform of the MeLucky card management system platform. It adopts the B/S plus C/S system architecture and can be interconnected with any subsystem in the management platform. It is a vehicle access management system that integrates video surveillance, access management, parking space management, parking space guidance, and charging management.


  • Support automatic initialization, parameters are automatically downloaded
  • Support remote reboot of controller
  • Detailed operation log and program running log
  • Equipment status monitoring and operation
  • Personnel is automatically downloaded, and batch authorization of personnel cards is supported
  • Support staff card batch import
  • Support task query
  • Support for custom filters
  • Real-time report, real-time query
  • Support blacklist
  • Support anti-foldback
  • Support controller program download and upgrade
  • Support recharge/deduction/adjustment/withdrawal operations
  • Support on-site payment and account pre-deposit payment
  • Temporary customers: paper ticket issuance/inspection or card issuance/inspection
  • Long term customers: access cards


  • Automatically record vehicle entry and exit times
  • Automatic or manual control of railings (or retractable doors), with anti-smashing function
  • Support intelligent counting, full vacancy display
  • Support location guidance
  • Electronic display prompts, voice prompts
  • Virtual display support
  • Computer automatic verification and collection
  • High-speed camera monitoring and image review
  • Multiple parking lots can be managed at the same time
  • Support card ejector empty box alarm
  • Support traffic lights
  • Supports both IP cameras and analog cameras
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Support automatic capture of images
  • Support amount voice
  • Support two cameras to record high and low
  • Support spotlight linkage


System Operation Environment

Operation System:Windows XP/Windows 2003/

                                Windows Vista

Database:              MySQL或SQLServer

Hardware Requirement:CPU:P4-1.8G or higher;

                                         Hard Drive:Min. 80GB;

                                         Memory min.: 2G;

                                         Network: 10/100M