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M-Attend Time Attendance Management System

      The M-Attend Time Attendance Management System is an important part of the MeLucky card management system platform M-Platform. The system is based on B/S plus C/S architecture, and can realize real-time data sharing and circulation with any other system in the management platform. It has powerful personnel management and query functions, powerful template shift scheduling functions, and perfect attendance data analysis and query functions.


  • Support one-card-total solution, can realize the true “one card, one bus, one database” with subsystems such as access control, consumption, patrol, parking lot, property management and so on
  • Support Web browser mode
  • Support a variety of scheduling methods
  • Unlimited holiday settings
  • Historical data is regularly automatically/manually backed up or cleared of historical data
  • Support staff batch import and export
  • Report format supports EXCEL, WORD, PDF
  • Attendance records can be queried by absolute time period, or multi-day inquiries can be performed according to a fixed time period every day
  • Attendance record query results can be sorted by card number, device number or time
  • Attendance record query can choose offline or online to query
  • Support a variety of attendance record query methods: query by all, card number, personnel number, attendance machine number, department number, department name
  • Support a variety of reports: individual employee details, employee summary statistics, single department details, department summary statistics, attendance record details, attendance summary statistics, department employee details, meeting check-in details, etc.
  • Support remote restart of attendance machine
  • Support cross-zero, cross-day, cross-month, cross-year, and cross-department
  • Support exception manual processing, loose attendance management
  • TCP/IP communication mode, the device actively uploads information, safe and efficient
  • Support online and offline attendance. Automatically upload data when online; support 9000 people and 5000 records when offline attendance