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The M-Sports ticketing system is an important part of the M-Platform, the Mengeely all-in-one card management system platform. It adopts the B/S plus C/S system architecture and can be interconnected with any subsystem in the management platform. It is a collection of venue ticket sales. It is a large-scale venue ticket management system integrating management, ticket management, channel management, real-time monitoring of equipment status, people flow statistics, and report management.


Support all-in-one card, which can share a database with subsystems such as access control, attendance, patrol, consumption, parking lot, property management, etc.
Support online mode
Support channel controller, monitoring workstation, ticket terminal and server automatic time synchronization
Support automatic initialization, parameters are automatically downloaded
Detailed operation log and program running log
Automatic data backup and clearing
Real-time monitoring of device status
Support custom filters
Real-time report, real-time query
Support channel controller program download and upgrade
Color LCD display of wireless hand-held ticket checking machine
Channel voice prompt
Support remote ticket sales, advance ticket sales, and phone reservations
Support barcode, proximity card, electronic label
Support real-time traffic statistics
Supports multiple ticket types and can be customized
Support ticket printing design
Has a decision-making system for setting fares
Support control of audience flow and limit the number of tickets issued
Support refund and discount tickets
Support automatic processing of ticket expiration
Supports three-roller gates, flash wing access machines, full-height gates, flap gates, fast lanes, disabled access, wireless hand-held ticket inspection machines
Support Chinese, English, Portuguese, other languages ​​can be specially ordered