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Card reader supporting WIEGAND format
Support ISO14443 TYPE-A, TYPE-B, TYPE-C, ISO15693 and other standard IC cards
Support card readers from major manufacturers such as HID and MeLucky
Multiple card readers can be connected at the same time to realize two-way control of entry and exit
Support fingerprint, palm print, iris and other biometric devices
With LED display, it can indicate various states such as power supply and communication
Provides input interfaces such as door sensor and exit button
Provide output interfaces such as electric lock and alarm, which can be linked with CCTV, anti-theft alarm, fire protection and other systems
With RS485 or 10/100M Ethernet communication interface (optional)
Multiple auxiliary input/output interfaces, auxiliary input can be connected to various detectors such as dual detection, infrared, glass breakage, etc.
It has the function of door opening overtime alarm and door being forcibly opened alarm function
With fire alarm input, open all door locks within 1 second after receiving the fire signal
Anti-foldback, area counting function
Only swipe card, only use password, swipe card and password, swipe card or password, disable and other working modes
Wall-mounted chassis, which can install accessories such as power supply, charging module, backup battery, etc. to improve the reliability of the system

Technical parameters:

Model:                      ML300/ML300TS                ML300-2/ML300-2TS                     ML300-4/ML300-4TS

Dimensions (PCB):       125×105mm                        180×120mm                                 180×120mm

Storage:                    A: 20000/60000                    A: 10000/30000                            A: 5000/15000

                                 B: 40000/60000                     B: 20000/30000                            B: 10000/15000

Working temperature:                                              -20℃~60℃

Working humidity:                                                        ≤95%

Storage temperature:                                               -30℃~70℃

Input voltage:                                                              12V DC

Power consumption:                                                        12W

Input:                               door sensor, exit button, auxiliary input and output electric lock, alarm, Auxiliary output

Applicable card type:                                        Mifare, TI, HID, MeLucky, EM

Communication interface:                                        RS485 or TCP/IP.