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Hitiway is a technological enterprise that develops, manufactures and distributes security products and IoT products, meanwhile provides Internet & VoIP services. The company’s products include Access Control Systems, CCTV, Time and Attendance System, Intrusion Alarm System, VoIP & Paging System, Vehicle Entry/Exit System, etc. Hitiway also offers Chassis Cabinet Design, Network Deployment and Website Design services. Currently, Hitiway’s products cover more than 300 varieties and its clients include banks, financial institutions, industrial field, government agencies, and public transportation facilities. 

Our strategy is to build a leading, focused digital company powered by advanced electronic platforms and data science. Our goal is to generate solid, profitable and responsible growth over the long term. 

As we implement our strategy, we have four priorities to shape our future and help us continue to create value for our company and society.


   Unleash the power of our people

     We will build a culture that ensures people are able to make the most of their talents and energy. We're creating an organization where people are inspired, curious, and uninhibited.


√   Deliver transformative innovation

      In our pursuit of transformative technologies, we challenge conventional thinking, explore the possibilities of commoditizing new technologies, innovate profit models, and find ways to dramatically improve people's quality of life.


√    Go big on data and digital

       We aim to spark a digital revolution at Hitiway, embracing digital technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help drive innovation and improve efficiency.


√     Build trust with society

       We strive to operate with high value and integrity, strive to build trust with society and find new ways to expand our clientele.

Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things are profoundly changing the world of work. To be successful, Hitiway must support employability and attract talent. Therefore, in order to achieve this strategic goals, Hitiway will focus on attracting talent and increasing employment.

Our people are our greatest asset and their ongoing growth and development drives the success of our business and helps equips them for the future world of work. Understanding our employee experience and gathering feedback helps us understand what’s working and what can be improved.