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            MACAS3000 Integrated Security System


  • Seamless integration of CCTV, access control, alarm, patrol and visitor systems
  • Support one card, share one database
  • Support distributed database, workstation can work offline
  • Support online and offline mode
  • Support multiple access control modes
  • Support automatic switching of access control access modes
  • Support office access control access mode
  • Support automatic time synchronization
  • Automatic initialization, automatic download of running parameters
  • Detailed operation log and program running log
  • Equipment status monitoring and operation
  • Personnel parameters are automatically downloaded, and batch authorization is supported
  • Support task query
  • Customizable query filter conditions
  • Real-time report, real-time query
  • Support blacklist
  • Support access control machine for attendance or meeting check-in
  • Support anti-foldback
  • Support time zone
  • Support holiday access mode
  • Automatically switch alarm arming mode, support flexible disarming
  • Support duress alarm
  • Can be departmentalized management
  • Support card design
  • Support event triggering
  • Support access control program download and upgrade
  • Support cross-device input and output (free topology)
  • Support two-way card swiping
  • Support double door and multi-door interlock
  • Supports automatic logout of guest to point
  • Integrated online patrol, support offline patrol

Integrated Security Solution:

Easy-to-use GUI, based on web browser

Seamless Integrated of different sub-systems

Highly integrated platform for data flow of

   personnel, objects and controlling message,

   everything is controlled through the same GUI  

Support both B/S and C/S

Support dynamic, distributed database

Support ODBC, OPC, Modbus

      • Provide various interfaces for inte-operating with

          other systems, i.e., FAS, BAS, CCTV, BMS, IBMS,

          CDI, AFC, PLC, etc.

      • Provide open protocols for higher integration