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M-Ticket Ticketing Management System

      The M-Ticket scenic spot ticketing system is an important part of the M-Platform of the MeLucky all-in-one card management system platform. It adopts the B/S plus C/S system architecture and can be interconnected with any subsystem in the management platform. It is a large-scale scenic spot ticket management system that integrates venue ticketing management, ticket checking management, channel management, real-time monitoring of equipment status, people flow statistics, and report management.


  • Support One-Card-Totalsolution. Can share a database with subsystems such as access control, attendance, patrol, consumption, parking lot, property management, etc.
  • Support online mode
  • Support automatic time synchronization between channel controller and server
  • Support automatic initialization, parameters are automatically downloaded
  • Automatic data backup and clearing
  • Detailed operation log and program running log
  • Monitor device status in real time
  • Real-time report, real-time query
  • Support department permissions
  • Support channel controller program download and upgrade
  • Channel voice prompt
  • Support barcode, proximity card, electronic label
  • Supports multiple ticket types and can be customized
  • Support ticket printing design
  • Has a decision-making system for setting fares
  • Support control of audience flow and limit the number of tickets issued
  • Support discount tickets, senior tickets, half tickets for children, group tickets, annual tickets, joint tickets, package tickets, travel agency tickets, VIP tickets, etc.
  • Support image comparison and secondary return
  • Support automatic processing of ticket expiration
  • The ticket type of the ticket office can be set flexibly
  • Support three roller gates, flash wing access machines, full height doors, flapping doors, fast lanes, disabled access, etc.