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We understand each product is different, that’s why we offer both laser cutting and punch press which are optimized for your products. Our team sets up the process which helps you with lower cost, short lead time, and high-quality products.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machine reduces lead time, increases material utilization, and provides burr-free cutting on all materials being processed with high precision.

Laser cutting capability

Max sheet size: 60”x120”

Steel sheets up to ¾”

Stainless steel sheets up to ½”

Galvanized steel sheets up to 10ga

Aluminum up to 5/16”

Punch Cutting

Punch cutting dramatically reduces time required for large runs and parts that have many features. Special forming features are available with punch cutting.

Punch cutting Capability

Max sheet size: 60”x144”

Max tonnage: 33 ton

Steel and galvanized sheets up to 10ga

Aluminum and copper sheets up to ¼”

Busbar Cutting

With the help of CNC busbar punching machine and programming software, busbars are cut in very efficient manner.

Busbar cutting Capability

Max busbar width: 8”

Max tonnage: 40 ton

Copper and aluminum up to 5/8” thick

Steel bar up to 3/8” thick